About me

I’m a product designer with more than 8 years of experience. I’ve been working with agencies and product companies.

My domain expertise includes the travel industry, food delivery, e-commerce, game industry, fintech.

I work and design for native and cross-platform mobile applications along with the responsive web. I am also experienced in creating and maintaining design systems.

My typical responsibility includes research, design, and design validation, working with data and the business team to understand the business problem, running workshops and ideation sessions with stakeholders.


Public speaking and publications

Accessiblity sessions at Glovo - Workshop

September - November 2021

Customer Journey Map at Advance IT - Workshop

December 2019

The State of Payday Startups – Report

July 2019

Case study presentation at EPAM design summit

November 2018

Collaboration between BA and UX at EPAM systems

August 2018

UX/UI lectures at Advance IT 


Side projects and activities

A mobile application for analog photographers aimed to decrease of cognitive load during taking and developing photo. 

A mobile application to keep track of you habits, written on Flutter. 

My personal design challenge aimed to improve my mobile design skills.

As an avid designer and podcast listener, I’ve bookmarked lots of design podcasts over the last couple of years. Since my list has reached over 50, I thought it’s a good time to share it!